Travel Resources

Here are some of websites and blogs that I’ve found useful when planning trips.  I’ve sorted these by region for easy search.  This list is still in progress so check back often!

General Travel

Guglielmo Biason – an amazing collection of inspiring travel documentaries from all over the world (in both English and Italian) that are found at this site and on YouTube

ThatBackpacker – I believe I first came across Audrey’s site through exchanging comments with her on Instagram about some travel destination, only later realizing she was such a huge travel blogger.  Anyway, her blog + YouTube + Instagram are a great resource for destinations all around the world, and so I can’t place it into any one regional category.  Really great information for people interested in South Korea!

Nomad Mania – Travel resource for anyone looking for interesting places and documenting their travels around the globe!  Includes a very helpful list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites which you can check off, as well as their own Series of places/things/experiences/etc. which are fun to read through.  Be sure to check it out!

Atlas Obscura – Your one-stop shop for all things weird and awesome you can encounter anywhere in the world.  Ghost towns, ossuaries, odd attractions — you name it, they’ve got it.  Hands down one of my favorite places to check before going on a trip anywhere in the world.

Once Upon A Saga – Thor is a great guy who is on a mission to visit every country in the world without flying!  Lots of great stories from every country, and you can read about his stay at my place in Bishkek here.

Central Asia

Caravanistan – amazing up to date resource for all things Central Asia.  Get advice on visas, transport, tours, and more here.  I read something on here at least once a week for advice.

MonkBoughtLunch – A helpful budget travel blog I recently found that is currently focusing on Central Asia (but has content for lots of other places).  Author writes for Lonely Planet and other travel publications.  Really great content for hiking/trekking advice.